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Maximum Endurance with Minimum Power

NABL Certified Thrust Stand

Propeller efficiency

Thrust Analyzer System


Developed by Bharat MicroJet Pvt Ltd. ---  A jet engine Company.

Designed and Developed by DRDO Awarded Scientist                                                                                                                          NABL Calibrated


 Specialized system to for thrust calculation for brushless motors and propellers.Dynamic testing with realtime data that can be saved and analyzed.


Our thrust stands are designed to measure thrust from 1kg to 20kg. Also specially designed motor attachment for Hobbywing X6 and X8 motors. Thsi thrust stand is used for 

analysing and evaluating best combination of brushless motor, Propeller and battery. Very helpful to maximize efficiency hence by increase in Endurance. Each motor can be tested with multiple combination of propellers. Propeller size and propeller Pitch is very important. 

This thrust stand is designed and made with high quality 5 Axis CNC machines. High grade of different metals are used. Industry standards high quality and reliable sensors are used.

 Data is displayed using industry standard Software using LabView. We have a team of software and Hardware developers who worked hard to realize this thrust machine which is 100% built in India.


Data Sheet  
1. Thrust Values 500Grams to 20Kg
2. Current Values 1A to 80A
3. Voltage Upto 12S (44.4Volts)
5. Tempratue Upto 100degree
6. RPM Upto 100,000
 7. Data Save  Yes data can be saved for reporting (Coma delimited file is generated)
 Calibration & Certification  All the above values and sensors are Calibrated by NABL Labarotories
 RPM Sensor  Optical - Non Contact - NABL Calibrated
 Temprature Sensor  IR - Non Contact - NABL Calibrated
 Thrust Sensor  LoadCell - NABL Calibrated & Weight & Measure Calibrated
 Current Sensor  Hall Effect Sensor - NABL calibrated
 Voltage  Microcontroller Based - NABL Calibrated
 Data Display  Lab View Software

This thrust bench is developed using high class aluminium profile for solid performance and rigidity. Most of the parts are made in 5 Axis CNC machine.
Many types and variety of brushless motors can be fixed for analysis. Two sensors are attached to this thrust stand near the motor. This is RPM sensor and the temprature sensor. Read end is the ISO certified Loadcell which is calibrated.

Current and voltage sensor is fixed in the power box. This thrust rig will measure voltage upto 12S that is 44.4volts and upto 80A. We have other models for larger capacity motors like Thrust Stand for Hobbywing X6 and X8 motors


Data aquisition software developed by our indistry experts. Software developed in LabView and picks up data drectly from sensors via STM32 programmer.

Values shown are

Current, Voltage, RPM, Thrust, Power and Temprature.

Thrust stand data can be also saved to a file which has Test name and file location.

File is created which has data from start to end seperated by Coma. CSV is then imported to excel or any other software to view reports.


  Thrust measurement system


 Thrust Stand Software