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  • Parachute Recovery System Parachute Recovery System

PDS1 Parachute System 1-2Kg drone Japan

Quick Overview

  • Made in Japan material

  • PDS1 - Parachute deployment System

  • 1kg System


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Drone Recovery System from ParaDrone


PDS1 Only 260g

Made in Japan Material used.

Professional parachute deployment system for 1Kg payload

Parachute deployment system easy to integrate with your RC drone. You can assign a seperate aux channel or integrate with flight controller. Servo output from PDS1 can also be connected to input port of pixhawk and you need to map servo output from mission planner to this aux channel. This way it can also work in Arm and Unarmed mode.

There are other ways you can trigger using accelorometer and a small battery. Trigger parachute once drone angle tilts 90" or whatever.


parachute weight.  Must for every drone / UAV specially with expensive payload like cameras or sensors. Can also be used on a VTOL.

Investing in a parachute system is a very good idea that can save the drone and damage to property. Some times drones payload is expensive and you dont want to see it crash in an event of a failure.
A parachute reduces free fall of a drone and hence reduces drop speed to a safe speed.
This safe speed does not cause damage to drone.

Very thin and hight tensile strength. Very less weight and a big parachute can be folded and fixed in small box.

Description of Parachute

  • 1. Size of Parachute  -  64 Inches
  • 2. Object Weight: 1-2 Kg
  • Weight of parachute with launcher 264Grams
  • 3. Descent Rate:      For 2Kg descent rate is 15 Feet/ Second and for 2Kg descent rate is 20 Feet/ second
  • 4. Number of Gores  12
  • 5. Number of Cords  12

Parachute Material Description

  1. Drone Parachute Cloth GSM: 34GSM
  2. Drone Parachute weight without Cords:130 Grams
  3. Drone Parachute weight with cords and lock: 140Grams
  4. Nylon RipStop Fabric
  5. Air permeablility 20+/-8 MM/S 100PA
  6. Tear Strength 20N
  7. Tensile  Strength 260N
  8. Thickness 0.06mm
  9. Color White / Orange

This includes only parachute along with parachute cord. High quality imported parachute for drones

Ready to deploy. Easy to maintain and use many many hundreds of times.

This parachute fabric supplier supplies same fabric to DJI for there drones. High quality imported parachute

Generally maximum descent rate for human beings using a parachute is 18 feet / Second. For drones and UAV 15 feet / second is more than enough to land on any surface.

 Please seee below video.

3Kg Payload DronebParachute (youtube.com)

 Folding of Parachute

Folding a parachute for drones (youtube.com)


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