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Dynamic Balancing of Rotor and Shaft

Dynamic Balancing Services in India

Our dynamic balancing machine is smaller in Size and suitalbe for small job which cannot be done on larger machines.

Generally job is suspended between the two V Bearing. Belt is attached over the shaft which spins the shaft. Any sort of impeller should be balanced with shaft in place. It is not recommended to dismantel the shaft and the impeller as balancing will be lost.

Application of dynamic balancing machine which includes motor, diesel motor, turbocharger, blower, packaging machinery where ever there is high speed spinning is required. Most of the high rotation equipment requires dynamic balancing for proper function of machine.

Due to unbalanced there is lot of vibration in the machine hence reduce life and damage equipment. Dynamic balancing identifies the spot where extra mass is there and which has to be removed. This extra mass creates vibration. Un- desirable vibration of moving parts and rotor Size and Weight of Object for dynamic balancing


Engineering students and industrial requirements call call. Send us the job piece on whatsapp (9502219200)

Best unbalance is achieved below 50mg. (Not even 1 gram)

Max weight of workpiece: 0.2 to 3Kg

Max Diameter of workpiece: 30 to 350mm

Length of workpiece 30 to 450mm

Balancing speed 400 to 10,000 RPM

You can contact us for dynamic balancing services. You can send us the part and we will do balancing for you. Location is Shamshabad near to Airport of Hyderabad