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500mw Telemetry Modules 413Mhz

Quick Overview

500mw Long range Radio Telemetry for

Cube Orange and Pixhawk 6X


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500mw Telemetry 413Mhz

Telemtry of data is required if you need important values from your UAV. Example height, waypoints, current drawn, battery left and many more.

This telemetry module recommended for VTOL, Fixedwing, Multirotor, Quadcopter and other flying uav. Power of this telemetry module is 500mwt which is like very powerful. Range can go more than 5km Cube orange telemetry cable is also included. Same as Pixhawk 6X. Both telemetry calbes same.


Frequency Band: 915Mhz

Power 500mw

Range more than 5Km

Connector cables provided are two. One for Pixhawk Cube or Pixhawk 6X and another for Pixhawk 2.4.8 Both cables included.

This telemetry module comes with high gain long antennas. Easy to fix cables from pixhawk to telemetry. 

Latest design.

It has Type C usb cable. Both ends have type C.


Open source firmware
Easy AT commands for radio configuration and Settings
Easy RT commands for easy remote radio configuration settings

The Connection status: LED indicators Different Colours
Package weight 72Grams.

Each module Weight: 11Grams

Antenna Weight 18Grams

Any module can be used as Air or Ground

This Telemetry module Package Includes:

2 X 500mw Radio Telemetry
1 X Connector Cable Cube Orange and Pixhawk 6X and 1 X Connector cable Pixhawk 2.4.8

2 X Antenna

USB Type C cable. Both end type C


Binding Instructions:

Pairing steps

1. Supply power to the data transmission module, and the green light flashes.

2. Press and hold the pairing button for 3 seconds, and the red light flashes quickly to enter the pairing mode. The pairing mode lasts for 10 seconds.

3. Supply power to another data transmission module within 10 seconds, and the green light is always on, indicating that the pairing is successful

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