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VTOL with Electronics

Quick Overview

VTOL Plane with VTOL motors, esc, servos and propellers. You just need Flight Controller, battery and transmitter.


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Talon VTOL with Electronics 

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These days VTOLS are getting more and more popular as they can be flown from any area. They do not require runway. They are hybrid that is mix of QuadCopter and fixed wing plane.

This VTOL kit comes with

1. Talon Plane

2. VTOL conversion Kit (Camo Color theme)

3. 2 x 1 meter Square Tubes (16mm)

4. 4 x 5008 motors (MAD Components)

5. 4x 40A ESC (Hobbywing)

6. VTOL Propellers (17inch)

7. Fixed wing motor 5008 (MAD Components)

8. Fixed wing propeller 16 inches

9. Servos 17 grams Emax metal gear

10 80A ESC for FixedWing (Hobbywing)

11. Motor mounts for VTOL motors (carbon fiber)


What is required?

Transmitter (Skydroid T12)

Flight Controller ( Cube orange or Pixhawk 6C)

Battery (6S 10,000mah)

Airspeed sensor


 **************   Detail information on VTOLs  *******************************

Below information is important if you are thinking of VTOL. This will help you build a VTOL professionally.

VTOL - Vertical Takeoff and Landing
This is an aircraft which has a fixed wing that can fly, hover, takeoff and land vertically. There are
various types of VTOLs. Example Tailsitter, Tiltrotor and Standard VTOL.
In tailsitter motors are fixed permanently on wing and it lands on tail of plane. More like a rocket.
And in tiltrotor VTOL the motors move 90 degrees to convert from vtol to airplane mode. This will land and takeoff belly.
Standard Config VTOL has seperate motors for quadcopter and seperate motor for plane.

Advantage of VTOL
Unexperienced pilots can fly that is take off land and hover mainly at any location.
Fixed wing plane gives more endurance than a multicopter
Hovering at a place. Used for survilliance and photography.

VTOL plane can fly like a multicopter and also like a fixed wing. Main work of multicopter is to lift the fixed wing plane to an altitude then start
the plane motors. Once the plane gets enough speed the multicopter motor will stop.

There are various configuration and tuning required for VTOLS. Smooth transition is the key part. Forward and return transition both are critical in VTOL.
Using strong and powerful Quadmotors are important in VTOL setup.

VTOL Components:
A VTOL generally consists of a fixed wing plane and two booms attached to wings. This will have quad motors.
Another motor fixed to tail of plane for front propulsion. A good flight controller is recommended. Example Cube Orange and Pixhawk 6C.
An speed sensor is highly recommended in VTOL configuration. This will assist in transition and power efficiency.

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