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Plane ESC

Multirotor ESC

What is an ESC

An ESC is an electronic circuit to control the rotation of a motor. This also provides power to other components like servo, receiver, gyro, flight controller etc. It takes power from the battery and passess to the motor. The power is also controlled by the transmitter via the receiver. ESC come in different voltage and amps.


Best ESC for you

ESC means electronic speed controller. In short the a circuit to control the speed of the brushless motor.  Function of an ESC is to control the rotation of the motor. Rotatioin of the motor is controlled by adjusting the electrical power to the motor. These signals are send through the flight controller and the remote control. 

Amps Consumption

When selecting an ESC first check the current required for the motor, also the size and pitch of the propeller. Good to select an esc having more than the amps required. Better to have an esc more than the requirement

Brand for the ESC

Check out the various brands for ESC. For example hobbywing, t-motor, turnigy, emax etc. All of them are good quality. Some of them are preflased with SimonK or BLheli firmwares.

Select ESC with or without bec (opto)

Most esc comes with builtin BEC. BEC stands for battery eliminating circuit. The main function of bec is to lower the voltage from a battery to 5V which is generally used on receivers or flight controllers. It decreases voltage from 7.4V or 11.1V or 15.8v to 5Volt.

UBEC or Ulitmate BEC

These are seperate power providers. These are used when ESC does not provide 5V. That is when opto ESC are used.Generally most of the latest flight controllers and receivers. UBEC is connected directly to the lipo battery.

Opto ESC has advantages as compared to BEC ESC. Opto esc are lighter in weight, smaller in size and reduced noice. This is because of seperate motor control circuit which is inside a BEC. If you have two circuits seperately it gives good performance. The flight controller can get optimal voltage. Opto esc has only two wires.

Which one to use UBEC(Opto) or ESC BEC?

To be simple words opto esc has the following advantage over ESC.- UBEC are more power efficient- BEC or normal ESC gets overheat some times. Opto esc does not have this problem- UBEC or Opto provides reliable and more current safely

Most of the ESC are linear type and UBEC are switching type.

Note: Incase if you want to power your flight controller and receiver with UBEC, and your ESCs have built-in BECs, those BEC you need to remove the red wire from the BEC ESC.

Largest collection of ESC in India for airplane, helicopter, and quadcopter. Various brands like Emax, Turnigy, Multistar, Simon and others. Emax ESC has a lots of vierity and they are of good quality. Emax esc India has different 

At the moment we have HobbyWing and Emax ESC of following Specs

100A ESC FlyFun for large model plane, Helicopter and EDF Jets

80A ESC Skywalker for large planes and heli and edf jets

60A ESC Skywalker for medium size electricall planes and 70mm EDF Jets

15A ESC for QuadCopter

20A ESC for Multirotor