Robot Servo for your next Project.

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  1. DR-3006HB Robot Servo

    DR-3006HB Robot Servo for your next Project

    Rs. 1,450

    Robot Servo from PowerHD. Torque upto 7.5 KG. Learn More
  2. Servo fix in bracket

    Power HD AR-1201MG Robot Servo 12 to 13KG Torque

    Rs. 1,180

    High Torque - High Speed robotic Servo with torque of 12 to 13KG. Can fix perfectly for robotic kit, arms and brackets. Learn More
  3. continious rotation robot servo

    Power HD Servo 6 KG Torque for Robots

    Rs. 670

    Continious Rotation Servo for Robotic Project. Torque more than 6KG.

    Learn More

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What is a Servo? Servos are small electro mechanical device have a DC motor coupled with gears and a potentiometer. This servo has an output shaft which can be positioned by signals that are passed. In a layman world Servo converts electrical force to machanical force. Servos are used in many applications such as model planes, helicopters, cars, robotics and many more. All this circuit and the gears are encapsulated in a casing. What is a Robot Servo? Robot servo is one which is used in building a robot. Each robot has its own control and acts as per its programming. There are servos with different sizes and shapes. They come in various power and torque. Types of Robot Servo? There are various types and models of robot servo. They come in different size and torque. The torque range from few grams to 20 and more Kilo grams. Example in a humanoid robot if the robot is 10DOF that means it requires 10 servos. Each servo performs its own function. Like an elbow or arm. It can be any thing. RCHyderabad is tied up with PowerHD. We bring to India this fine servos. We are authorized dealer of of this servo in India. Hobby Shop India that is RCHyderabad has various types of servos.