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Few years before we used to hear about helicopter. But now days we hear more about quadcopter in India. So lets know what is a quadcopter and what is the difference between a helicopter and a quadcopter.
Airplane by default wants to fly while a helicopter does not want to fly.The structure of an airplane is different from an helicopter. 

Remote Control Helicopter

For a helicopter to fly it has to apply variety of forces that controls the movement of a helicopter. A single rotor has to lift the helicopter, move in front, backwards, lift and right movements. All these are done by a single rotor blades. This is indeed a complex design. And any small problem in these is very dangerous and desasterious.So an helicopter has a single rotor with multiple blades.

Latest Style Multirotor India

Basic definition of a multirotor is an aircraft having more than two rotors. Imagine a helicopter with more than two rotors. This is fastest growing development in the field radio controlled vertical lift vehicle that are able to take off vertically, hover, and fly in all directions. Multirotor has propellers that has fixed pitch, two of the propellers will spin clockwise and the other two will spin counter clockwise. These propellers spin precisely and accurately at different speeds, all the common directional movements of a standard copter are attained. This can hover, move forward and backwards, left and right and also turn and rotate. RCHyderabad has variety of quadcopter India.
This ability makes the multi rotor and RC helicopters mechanically very simple with hardly any moving parts compared to the older conventional mechanically complex collective pitch helicopter.

Quadcopter Kits in India

As we now know what is a multirotor then quadcopter is easy to understand. This basically has 4 rotors of same pitch. Two of the propellers run clockwise and two run counter clockwise. A quadcopter India has 4 arms and 4 motors with propellers. Now days Quadcopters India there are various models and styles. Most common models in multirotor is quadcopter. There are hundreds of models. They are made of carbon fiber, alumunium, plastic and wood. Carbon is the lightest and the strongest. Most of the quadcopters India are controlled by a flight controller. A flight controller sends signal to motors via a ESC. This controls the rotation of the props. Flight controllers has gyros built in them. 

Which is the best multirotor frame you want ?

A Tricopter ? This is for smooth flying with good response for yaw. A servo is required for this frame.

A Quadcopter ? This one is relatively easy to set up and configure with lots of frames. Servo is not required here.

A Hexecopter ? This has 6 arms and rotors. Genrerally used to carry more payload.

A Octocopter ? These are for professional use and are more reliable. These might be more expensive also.

Different types and categories of multirotor India available.

1. For professional aerial photography ( These are larger in size and are more expensive)

2. For sports ( These are for racers. They travel faster and generaly used for racing)

3. for FPV - These are used for FPV. A camera and a video transmitter is fixed on this

4. For students - These are generally used for students for there projects.