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RC Planes

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Beginner’s Guide For Building RC Plane! 

An RC plane hobby is definitely an intriguing activity that everybody enjoys regardless of age. Though there are myriad options available in the hobby shops but building your own plane has its own pleasure. Remote controlled plane construction process demands patience and most importantly, a steady hand that is willing to go extra mile to turn the dream design into a reality. Even for a beginner, it isn’t a complicated initiative; all you need is an access to required material from your local hobby store.

If this is the first time when you are attempting to build a remote operated plane, this quick DIY beginner’s guide will set you go easy. Unlock the vital information here which will help you in creating the first RC toy of your dreams. Read on!

Things You\'ll Need To Build or Buy Your First RC Plane:

A model kit, screwdriver, a workbench to operate, glue, knife, a couple of pliers, a storage space, sandpaper, remote control unit, remote receiver, paint, a well-bristled paint brush!

  1) Go Through The Options Available!
You will have to select between two choices, either to buy a model kit from the hobby shop or to draw up the plane design by self. For a beginner like you, it would be much more convenient to buy the model kit from an online hobby store for the sole purpose of building your first RC aeroplane.

  2 ) Disassemble The Model Kit And Arrange Parts In The Right Order!

The first step is to disassemble the parts from your kit box. Put the landing gear, fuselage, wings and other associated parts on the floor right in front of your eyes where you can easily pick them when needed.

 3) Get Ready To Connect The Wings To The Fuselage!

Alright, after having done with some background work, now, it is the time to connect the wings to the front part of the fuselage.  Use the plastic clips in an attempt to do so, which are provided with the kit. Use minimal force while bending the wings into the clips. Closely inspect the alignment to ensure if it is straight. You may consider hanging a light weight on the top of the wing to confirm its straightness.

 4) It’s Time To Assemble The Stabilizer!

Now, gently assemble the horizontal stabilizer to the back portion of the fuselage. While attaching the stabilizer onto the rear end, ensure that the front part slides slowly to the rear fuselage unit. After having done with it, gently put the stabilizer’s front end into the plane\'s rudder slot.

 5) Connect The Landing Gear!

Bring the landing gear closer to the base front end of the plane fuselage in order to attach the two. Locate the thin metal wire which you will find on the landing gear. Push this wire on to the plastic landing gear assembly.

 6) Install the Propeller At The Protruding Tip of The Fuselage!

Now, apply the super glue on the inside portion of the propeller. To ensure the effective application of gum, use a brush with thin bristles. Move to the next step by bringing the propeller close to the protruding nose of the fuselage and press it there gently until it completely dries off. Bingo! You have done it! Your homemade RC aeroplane is ready to take off.


Now, you have sharpened your skills to build a basic RC plane at your home with a little investment. Don’t forget to invite your friends before you begin your first test flight. They will appreciate your creativity and this is where, when you are set to build large remote control planes to challenge your skills.