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RC Model Plane Engines

There are few choices for powering your rc plane. Starting from rubber band plane to turbine jet engine. Mostly people use either electric powered motors or use engine power.

Nitro Powered RC Engine India

Nitro rc engine India has evolved long time back and hence improved there performance. There are various sized and power in Nitro Engine. In India people use both electric power and gas power. There are various brands of nitro engines available in India.  Some of the brands include OS India, ASP India, Evolution Engine India, NGH engines in India, DLE and many more brands. Nitro is nothing but Nitromethane mixed with methenol. Generally Nitro engines have high RPM that is more than 60000. As compared to gasoline engine nitro engines produces more resedue. You need more cleaning after flying.


Gasoline RC Engine India

Gasoline engine or petrol rc engines India are getting more popular these days in India. Earlier only larger engines were available for gasoline power. But now small size engines are also available. Generally gasoline engine produces high torque and can turn a large propeller. RPM on gasoline engine is less.

Are you looking to power your model plane? You have two options. One is the brushless motor and another is the gasoline engine or the petrol engine. Each one has its own advantages and personal choice. Gasoline engine are more realistic and sound realistic. Here gasoline engine refers to Petrol engine. RC Hyderabad is authorized dealer for Evolution rc engines India.

These are scaled down models of actual engines which are used for model plane flying. Gasoline engines are famous for there thrust and economy use. Gasoline is cheaper than nitro. If compared with battery powered brushless engine you need to change battery more often. With Gasoline engine you just need to refill and fly the model plane as much as you can. More over the gasoline engine sounds cool. As compared with Nitro Engine Gasoline engine is more economical. Here in India Nitro fule is expensive. But gasoline or petrol is much cheaper than Nito fuel in India. Best gasoline rc engine India. Gasoline engine comes in various sized and power. Here power is calculated with CC of the engine. Example gasoline engine India starts with 9CC which is excellent for 40 size to 50 size rc model planes. They go upto 200CC for much larger size planes. Some of the famous brands of RC gasoline engine India are NGH, OS, DLA, DLE, Evolution ASP and many more. In India this hobby is slowly picking up and is get popular.


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