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Flexible Solar Cell High Efficiency 30 Pieces

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Quick Overview

Flexible Solar Cell High Efficiency maxeon 30 Pieces


Flexible Solar Cell X 30 Pieces

Latest innovation in Solar Energy

Product Description

This solar cells are used by the Aeroplane Solar Impulse. You can use these cells for various projects.

The SunPower™ C60 solar cell with proprietary Maxeon™ cell technology delivers today’s highest efficiency and performance. These are third generation solar cells.

 A grade 21-24% Highest Efficiency 3.5W 125x125mm Mono Crystalline Solar Cell without Busbar

Sunpower maxeon solar cell is the highest efficiency solar cell in the world now, is fundamentally different compared with regular solar cells. And dramatically better. With its unique copper foundation, the cell delivers unmatched reliability and allows us to build panels with the world record for highest efficiency.

 Good for student sciece project

Rated Max Power: 3.34W ±5%(w)
Efficiency: 21.8%
Working Voltage: 0.574 V
Working Current: 5.83 A
Short circuit voltage: 0.682V
Short circuit current: 6.24A
Specification: 125 * 125 mm
Material: Monocrystalline silicon
Thickness: 145um
For the 10 cells in series:
Each cell is 0,01522 m^2 (including lack of corners), so total area is 0.152 m^2.
Total power: 33W
********** Please note these cells are flexible but fragile at the same time. Care should be taken while using these   *************



Maximum Light Capture
SunPower’s all-back contact cell design moves gridlines to the back of the cell, leaving the entire front surface exposed to sunlight, enabling up to 10% more
sunlight capture than conventional cells.
Superior Temperature Performance Due to lower temperature coefficientsand lower normal cell operatingtemperatures, our cells generate more
energy at higher temperatures compared to standard c-Si solar cells.
No Light-Induced Degradation SunPower n-type solar cells don’t lose 3% of their initial power once exposed to sunlight as they are not subject to lightinduced
degradation like conventional p-type c-Si cells.
Broad Spectral Response 
SunPower cells capture more light from the blue and infrared parts of the spectrum, enabling higher performance in overcast and low-light conditions.
Broad Range Of Application

SunPower cells provide reliable performance
in a broad range of applications for years
to come.



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