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6S Professional lipo Charger Prophet

IMAX B6 LiPo Digital Balance Charger

Quick Overview

IMAX B6 Lipro LiPo Digital Balance Charger


IMax B6 LIpo Charger

This is quality lipo charger / balancer.. It can charge from 2 cell to 6 cells. You need an 12 to 18 Volt adapter along with this.

Max charging power 50W and maximum current 5A.

Reliable and good quality.

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All about Lipo Battery Chargers:

As you know lipo batteries have just become common and now used very often in the world of radio controlled toys like aircraft, boats, multirotors, train and many more applications. This is mainly because of weight and power ratio. Earlier batteries were heavy and were not able to use on toys. They also used to drain quickly too.

As there is now more demand for lipo batteries there is more need of chargers for charging them. There are Many Brands of Lipo battery chargers like imax, Loongmax, turnigy and many more. RCHyderabad suggest you to go through the manual and read the instruction published in them. 

Some chargers do both that is charging and balancing. Some chargers only has charging and no balancing. For larger batteries and for professional use get intelligent chargers. Some times if the battery is discharged below 10% some chargers does not start charging. For this only smart and intelligent chargers can charge.


Chargers come in different plugs. Some of them have dean connector and some chargers has XT60 connecto and some have tamya and others. Some lipo chargers comes with all in one cable. One end has banana plug and other has all the other connectors including plug for JR and Futaba remote controls.

Some lipo chargers are red in color and some black and some blue. RCHyderabad has all types of chargers in India. This hobby store delivers through out India at minimum courier charges. 

Every lipo charger has options to charge lipo or NiAh or NiCD batteries. They can also charge LiFe battery. You need to select the battery type in the menu and then proceed to number of cells. Select the number of cells your lipo battery has then move the mah selection. If you want to charge quaickly you need to charge with more amps. Make sure your ad/dc adapter gives proper voltage and amps.

Various types and models of lipo chargers include SKYRC B6AC V2, SKYRC e8 Charger ,SKYRC S60, SKYRC B6AC+ V2, iMAX B6 Mini, SKYRC eN5, SKYRC Quattro B6 80W, SKYRC Quattro B6AC,X100, X200AC-DC, X80-AC, B606-PRO, B6AC-PRO, B6-TWINS,4B6-PRO and many more.