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Welcome to Laser Cutting Services in Hyderabad.  What is a Laser Cutting? A technolog that involves fine laser for cutting dirrerent materias. Application includes manufacturing, industrial, engineers and hobby enthusiast. A laser machine generates high temprature fine micro beam that cut through. A good fabrication tool. You can get high quality prececion cut pieces.


These machine is also used for engraving. This is also used for making jewellery, sign boards for advertisements and various uses. 
Laser machine needs vector file, in simpe words it requires outline of any drawings. Generally laser beam cuts less than 0.1mm. The end parts are 

We have a 100W laser maching with large lase bed area about 1300CM in width and about 1 meter long. You can cut your favorite models or you can do engineering projects. This can be aeronotical, machanical or even Civil engineering projects. You can make Model houses, model planes or ships many many things.

Our laser is one of biggest in Hyderabad and latest model too. Our laser accepts DXF files and many more styles files. This machine can cut Acrilyic , wood, leather, cloth and many more items.

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