Flight Test Slinger Racer Plane

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FT Slinger - Racer Plane

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Flight Test Racer Plane


FT Racer is a racer RC plane which flies at a faster speed. It has great flight characterstics and easy flying. Superb design and fast and smooth response. You will really enjoy flying this plane. Good for some one who want to scale up from a trainer planes. This is a aerobatic model designed by Josh Bixler.


Weight excluding battery 500grams

CG is located 2.4 inches from leading edge

Wingspan of this Slinger Model is 40inches or 1016mm

Recommended motor is 800KV atleast. For faster speed higher KV is required

Recommended esc is 20A but if you want to run on 4S then bettery go for 30A ESC

Prop size recommended is 8X6, 9X4.7 or 10x4.5

Battery recommended is 1700 to 3000mAh 3S but if you want to boost the power for aerobatic manuvers use 4S 1500 to 2000mAh battery.

Servos recommended is 4 X 9grams



What is incuded in this Kit


- Laser Cut foamboard parts

- front and back turtle deck including Canopy

- PowerPod (without motor)

- Firewall

- Push rods

- Control horns

- Bat-BQ Skewers

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