Buy Flight Controller India - DJI, PixHawk, Naze32, APM, CC3d etc.

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  1. APM KIT

    APM2.8 with UBLox GPS PModule

    Rs. 5,800

    Out of stock

    APM 2.8 with UBlox Neo 7 GPS with XT60 Powermodule, GPS Stand and Cables. Learn More
  2. APM XT60

    APM/pixhawk Power Module xt 60 connector

    Rs. 990

    APM/pixhawk Power Module with xt 60 connector Learn More
  3. KK2.1 Autopilot

    KK2.1 Flight Controller Board

    Rs. 900

    KK2.1 Flight Control Board. Best price and ready to fly. Easy setup and has stable fly.

    Learn More
  4. Mini OSD

    Minim OSD New version APM Pixhawk

    Rs. 790

    Minim OSD w/ shell Support MAVLINK protocol OSD ARDUPILOT MEGA OSD FOR APM, Pixhawk, CUAV Pixhack New Version Learn More
  5. AutoPilot in India

    Dji Naza-M Lite GPS Combo

    Rs. 11,900

    DJI Naza for professionals with GPS

    Learn More
  6. DJI Naza-M with GPS

    DJI Naza-M V2 GPS Combo

    Rs. 17,000

    Out of stock

    DJI Naza-M V2 With GPS - advance version Learn More
  7. Pixhawk India with GPS

    Pixhawk flight Controller with GPS

    Rs. 12,700

    Out of stock

    PixHawk Flight Controller / Autopilot with GPS

    Learn More
  8. Power distribution board Hyderabad

    Quadcopter Power Distribution Board

    Rs. 520

    This handy power distribution board has the same foot print as our Multri-rotor control boards and is the ultimate solution for tidy power distribution wiring. Simply use 3.5mm male connectors on your ESCs and plug a battery in. Learn More
  9. RasberryPI module

    Raspberry Pi Model B+ 512MB RAM

    Rs. 2,600

    Out of stock

    Raspberry Pi Model B+ 512MB RAM Learn More
  10. GPS Module now in India

    Looking for GPS for APM2.6

    Rs. 2,300

    Out of stock

    GPS for APM2.6 Learn More
  11. Arduno Uno

    Arduino Uno R3 Microcontroller - Atmel ATmega328

    Rs. 1,130

    Out of stock

    Arduino Uno R3 Microcontroller - Atmel ATmega328 Learn More
  12. Atmega16 Flight Controller India

    Classic Atmega168P Flight Controller

    Rs. 1,630

    Atmega168PA flight control board

    Simple and cost effective flight control board. Best for engineering students.

    Learn More
  13. Power Board Hyderabad

    Multi-Rotor Power Distribution Board

    Rs. 20

    Multi-Rotor Power Distribution Board Learn More
  14. Super Flight Controller

    Super 4-6X Flight Controller DSM2 Receiver

    Rs. 2,600

    Super 4-6X Flight Controll system compatible with DSM2 Receiver 

    Learn More
  15. Hobby Part

    KK Multicopter V5.5 Xcopter V2.9

    Rs. 1,450

    KK Multicopter V5.5 Xcopter V2.9. Great hobby product both for hobby enthusiast and students Learn More
  16. AutoPilot Naza lite

    Super Stable Dji Naza-M Lite without GPS

    Rs. 6,400

    Dji Naza-M Lite without GPS

    Learn More
  17. KK2 Flight Controller India

    KK2.1 Flight Controller for multirotors

    Rs. 2,450

    This is a student favorite flight controller. It supports variety of multirotors.

    Learn More
  18. naze32 rev6

    Naze32 Rev6 6DOF Flight Controller

    Rs. 945

    Out of stock

    New and Advanced Naze32 REV6 FOR 6DOF Flight Controller Learn More
  19. Mini APM with GPS

    Mini APM V3.1 - ArduPilot Mega with gps Compass

    Rs. 6,990

    Out of stock

    Mini APM V3.1 Mini ArduPilot Mega with gps Compass Learn More
  20. CC3D Hyderabad

    CC3D Evo Flight Controller specially for Racers

    Rs. 1,200

    Out of stock

    CC3D Controller

    The openpiolot flight controller specially for FPV Racers or fixed wings.

    Learn More
  21. Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Compatible Board with ATmega2560 - CH340G | Free USB cable

    Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Compatible Board with ATmega2560 - CH340G | Free USB cable

    Rs. 1,300

    Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Compatible Board with ATmega2560 - CH340G | Free USB cable Learn More
  22. USBASP

    USBASP Programmer

    Rs. 380

    USBASP Programmer Learn More
  23. USBASP

    10 Pin to Standard 6 Pin Adapter

    Rs. 80

    10 Pin to Standard 6 Pin Adapter Learn More
  24. CC3D power distributor

    CC3D Power Distribution Board

    Rs. 419

    CC3D Flight Controller Mini Power Distribution Board PCB

    Learn More
  25. EMAX Skyline32 Flight Controller-Mini V2

    EMAX Skyline32 Flight Controller-Mini V2

    Rs. 2,210

    Out of stock

    EMAX Skyline32 Flight Controller-Mini V2

    Learn More

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Flight Controller in India

Flight Controller is the brain of a multirotor. They control the movement of a multirotor. Flight controller is a small electronic circuit board. The function of flight controller India is to direct the speed (RPM) of each motor in response to input. A signal from the multirotor user to move forward is input into the flight controler and that move the motors.

Types of flight controllers

There are various types of flight controllers. Simple type to advance. This depends of the application. Some flight controllers india are just meant for hovering and some advance contrllers have functions like altitude hold, retrun to launch, failsave etc.. To start with you need to buy a board that is easy to fly and configure.
Examples of Flight controller

KK2 Flight Control board

KK2 flight controller is a flight control board used for multirotors. Examples are tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter etc. This takes signals from gyroscope then passess the signal to esc which controls the motion of a electric motor. This is the main work of the kk2 flight controller Inda.This KK2 flight controller India uses the signals from the transmitter and then passes to the controlboard. This then controls the throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder and others.

APM 2.6 flight controller (Ardu Pilot)

APM 2.6 Flight controller is an opensource autopilot system which has won prestigious awards in competition. This is an advance flight controller used for stabilizing the multirotor. This will allow user to turn any fixed or multirotor or a car, boat, rover etc into a fully autonomous vehicle which can perform programmed GPS missions with waypoints.APM 2.6 comes with onboard compass and seperate compass.APM 2.6 board requires no assembly, and is ready for firmware upgrade. There are quite few models of APM 2.6. Side pin, top pin and mini APM. All perform the same functions.

Pixhawk Flight controller

Pixhawk flight controller is an advanced autopilot designed by PX team. Again this is an open hardware project originally which was manufactured by 3D Robotics. But now this is also manufactured by Chinese firms. These are Pixhawk clones and works the same and of good quality. Pixhawk flight controller can be programmed by an interface which can be installed on a pc generally a mini usb. You can also fix RasberriPi to this pixhawk. Pixhawk. You can connect various types of devices and controls to this like Sonar, ultrasound, gps, compass and many more functions. This pixhawk can be flown via the transmitter or the software itself. Transmitter is not compulsory. This Pixhawk is favorite for engineering students and professionals.

Naze32 or Skyline32

This is yet another advance and popular flight control systems. These are used in small to medium size multirotor. Naze32 supports rc planes, tricopter, quads and hexa. This is also open pilot source. Software for this is cleanflight and baseflight. This is smaller in size and easily fits in the aircraft. As this is developed by open source sofware there are growing community of developers constantly improving its performance. As with other flight controllers Naze32 also accepts inputs from transmitter then passes to the gyroscope and then which controls the motos via the esc.

CC3D Flight Controller for small size drones

CC3D flight controller is now days used widely specially for ARF,  RTF and small size drones. This is an open pilot sysem and supports various aerial vehicles like plane, helicopter, quadcopter and hexacopter. This is small in size and easy to setup. It fits well in 200 to 300 size racers and fpv vehicles. Other flight controllers like Naze32, Skyline32 and Flip32 are all based on CC3D. One of the cheaper price and stable flight control system

Naza Flight Controller

Naza flight controller brought to you by DJI. They are the leaders in flight stabilization technology. These flight congtrollers are ready to use out of the box. They are dominating the multirotor industry by there good standards. Though they are little expensive but they are of good quality and performance. There are various models by DJI. They are Naza M and Naza H and A2. They can be used right out of the box. User interface / software is easy to use and configure. Generally Naza is used by professionals and hobby enthusiast who are into aerial photography, video graphy and cinemetography.

KK Multicopter V5.5 Flight Controller

This is one of the basic flight controller used mostly by students. 

Tarot Flight Controller

 This is the latest flight controller by Tarot. They are famous in multirotor frames and kits. They are also manufacturing gimbal and helicopters. This Torot controller comes with alumunium casing, GPS and all other electronic items.