OMNIBUS F4 flight controller OSD BEC

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Latest OMNIBUS F4 flight controller OSD BEC

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F4 Omnibus latest flight controller with OSD and BEC

Product Name: OMNIBUS F4 Betaflight Controller.

This Omnibus flight controller comes with STM32 micro processor F405 firmware. Comes with OSD MCU with SPI bus having control on F4 in DMA.

Betaflight configuration is included with the OSD graphical interface. Comes with input pinheaders SBUS / ppm

6PWM output and 1 4 pinheader.

pu6000 SPI sensor
Including 128Mbit Flash, always use BEC's FC.
Support and dronin betaflight

Features of this OMNIBUSF4:

Characterstics with OMNIBUS4 with OSD is flight control software integrated in a MCU without extra SCM OSD and OSD parameter tuning.

The characteristics of OMNIBUSF4 and OSD is the flight control program is integrated in a MCU, without additional SCM OSD, and OSD parameter tuning software and flight parameter adjustment are integrated together, using the standard input and output interface equipment, reduce the conversion of wire and connectors, reduce bad line risk, improve the assembling and maintenance convenience, the the MPU6000 sensor and connected by SPI bus, improve the sensor sampling rate, improve the operating frequency of MCU master program, provides higher precision and faster response speed, built-in power module BEC, without external, more convenient to use.
Hardware basic parameters:
Barometer BMP280
Nine axis sensor MPU6000 using SPI connection
The standard SD card slot
MCU SPI bus through the DMS mode control OSD chip, faster
Built in power module BEC, no external connection, more convenient to use.

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