Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

Privacy Policy & Disclaimer


Please note that listed availability might not be applicable for multiple copies of an item, and that sudden demand for an item can have an effect on its availability. We will inform you by phone or e-mail if any items in your order prove to be unavailable.

Shipping times are calculated from the time your merchandise leaves the Hobbytech warehouse. Packages are usually shipped from our warehouse within 3 days of your order. This would be delayed if an order were placed over the weekend or on a holiday. Please make your arrangements accordingly.

In case of shipping damage or missing or incorrect products in your shipment do the following: - 

Inform us immediately preferably by email about what happended to the parcel and we can will take care of your claim. Soon we will update you status of this claim.

Credit and Due blance

Any outstanding balance dues will be applied to your next order or it will be refunded.

Important WARNINGS
Some of the products we sell at rchyderabad Many products offered for sale at / RC Toys Hyderabad have the ability to harm or severely injure if used improperly. Products are to be used as directed by the manufacturer and should always be used with adult supervision.  We cannot accept responsibility for injury and/or crash damage or loss of kits, engines and accessories, parts and materials that occurs during the use of any radio-controlled model. The user shall determine the suitability of the product for his or her intended use and shall assume all risk and liability in connection therewith.

If you substitute or replace normal kit hardware and/or radio components with after-market accessories, RCHyderabad / RC Toys Hyderabad cannot be held responsible for problems or equipment failure caused by incompatibility or modifications. This includes all other products sold by / RC Toys Hyderabad.


We accept no responsibility for crash damage and/or loss of kits, engines, accessories, etc. It is difficult or impossible to determine for certain whether crash damage was due to radio system failure or operator error. Electrical polarity must be properly observed in hooking up electrical components. Current limits must be observed with batteries, speed controllers, and electric motors. Hobbytech accepts no responsibility for any purchased components that are incorporated into radio systems or problems caused by incompatibility between radio components, parts etc.
International radio frequency and electric current requirements are the responsibility of the buyer.
Our liability for all products is imited to the sale price of the product.


We do not share , rent, or sell your private information to any other company or individual. All your personal information will solely used for HobbyTech to offer a better service to you.


All prices, pictures and descriptions on this site and all other HobbyTech publications are subject to change without notice. HobbyTech maintains no responsibility for inadvertent errors. In the event of typographical errors on our site or in our publications, HobbyTech reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders at its sole discretion. Please contact us within 30 days regarding price or promotion discrepancies.