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Pixhawk Cube with Here 2 GPS Combo

Quick Overview

Combo Pixhawk Cube with GPS


Know about Pixhawk

Pixhawk 2 is an open hardware platform which is an independent and provides the standads for exceptional quality with lowcost hardware which is the autopilot. Basically designed for research academics like engineers, startups, developers and hobby enthusiast.

Basic functionality of flight controller is used to control fixed wings, multirotors, remote controlled cars and under water ROV and many more.

Pixhawk is popular due to its ability and functionality for way point navigation using GPS and data transfer to ground using telemetry. Main functioin of an autopilot system is to stabilize the flight of an aerial platform and take inputs of the user as well. Autonomous light s are possible with Pixhawk.

Pixhawk Cube flight controller which was earlier called Pixhawk 2.1 is an autopilot / flight controller intented basically for manufacturers of commercial equipments. This autopilot system is based on PixhawkProject called FMUv3 which is an open hardware runs on PX4 on OS Nutx.

New features of cube is vibration isolation on two stabilization sensor (IMU) and third as a backup sensor.

Key New Fatures of Cube

Comes with 32bit STM32F427- Cortex--M4F core

256KB Ram

2x I2C ports

2 x Can Bus ports

3 x analog voltage inputs

Buzzer and Safety LED

Comes with 32 bit STM32F 13 Failsafe processor

Comes with 168Mhz / 252 MIPs

2MB Flash

14 PWM Inputs / Servo outputs

Backup system integrates in fligth recovery with manual override with a processor which is dedicated with stand alone power supply in case of fixed wing use.

Cube comes with redundant input power supply with automatic failover

Also has External safety switch


Cube comes with 3(Three) redundant IMU sensor. That is accels, compass and gyro

Two redundant barometer

ICM20948 and invensense mpu9250

Intefacesto Pixhawk

GPS Information

Model Name: Here 2

STM32F302 Built In Microprocessor

CAN/ I2C Serial bus support

Barometer plus IMU

What does the package includes

-- 1 Piece Pixhawk 2.1 Cube

-- 1 Piece Pixhawk 2.1 Standard Carrier board

-- 1 Piece Here2 GPS

-- 1 Micro SD Card inserted in the Pixhawk Cube

-- 1 Piece mini power brick

-- 1  Piece Telemetry Cable

-- 2 Two pieces Power Cable

-- 1 piece Buzzer Cable

-- 1 piece I2C cables

-- 1 piece Micro UsB  Cable

-- 2 piece GPS Cable

-- 4 mounting crews and tapes


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