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Brushless Motors

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Brushless Motor for RC Planes

Brushless Motor for Quadcopter / Hexacopter

EDF Motors (Electric Ducted Fan)

What is Brushless motor

Brushless motor are generally used in hobby world let it be for remote control planes, remote control cars, remote control heli and much more applications. Brushless motor are now a part of the RC hobby.Let us now what is a brushless motor?Brushless motor is used to transfer electrical energy to mechanical energy. Brushless motor uses magnets and coils of copper wire. In RC Planes and multirotor these are used to turn propeller which in turn moves the vehicle. Brushless motor has magnets which rotate an armature that is a shaft.

In other words a brushless motor or BLDC contains number of magnets and and coils which arranged together in specific pairs. Generally such motors has two parts one is stationery which is called a stator and the other is rotating part and called as rotor. You need an Electronic Speed Controller or ESC is the electronic device which controls the motor by activating and deactivating the specific section of electromagnets within the motor at some very specific times to tend the rotor of the motor to spin due to magnetic force which induced inside the motor.

Basically motors are of 2 types. Brushed and the brush-less.  Again in brushless motor there are two types. Outrunner brushless motor and inrunner motor. For some rc application outrunner brushless motor is used and for some application inrunner brushless motor is used. Generally inrunner motors provides more rpm as compared to outrunner.

Brushless motor for Quadcopters

There are also specially designed motors for multirotors.They have to be light and efficient. Main aim is to minimise weight and maximise effeciecy. 

The Selection of Brushless motor is not alone you need to think about the propeller you attach to motor then both combination will give you the desired performance. Selecting a propeller has explained in propeller adaptor section please refer.When selecting a motor there usually provided with the specification of motor either provided by the seller or manufacturer. You should note the information about power, thrust and rpm etc. for example RCHyderabad selling a motor MT2204 2300kv an Emax product which comes with following specifications:Max Thrust: 440gm kv:2300 Weight:25gLength: 32.2 Framework:12N14P Shaft: 3mmDiameter: 27.9mm Shaft: 2-3mm Prop: 4-6 inchTo choose a motor we first need to decide how much your weight requirement that quad could lift. Depending on that we can consider the thrust required to lift the quadcopter.

A general rule is that you should be able to provide twice as much thrust than the weight of the quad. If the thrust provided by the motors are too little, the quad will not respond well to your control, even have difficulties to take off. But if the thrust is too much, the quadcopter might become too agile and hard to control.