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  1. Hobby Multitester

    Digital Multimeter Backlit Display

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,200

    Special Price: Rs. 820

    Hobby 870E Digital Multimeter w/Backlit Display. Test lipo battery voltage and curent

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  2. 5000mAh quadcopter lipo battery

    5000mAh Quadcopter Battery Haiyin 3S

    Rs. 2,700

    Out of stock

    Large quadcopter battery for more flying time. This is suitalbe for large quad or hexa where you need it to fly for more time. Also suitable if you have larger motors which require more current. Output of this lipo battery is good as it take 35C.

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  3. 5Cell lipo pack india

    5S - 5Cell lipo pack by Flightmax 4000mAh

    Rs. 3,300

    Out of stock

    5Cell Lipo battery for large planes and multirotor. This is 4000mah lipo battery from ZIPPY by Flightmax. This can be used by hobby guys and for aerial photograph and other applications which require more power and voltage. Discharge rate for this battery is 20C and burst rate is 30C for 10seconds. Weight is 500grams and it has 4mm bullet connector.

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  4. 1000mAh 3Cell Zippy battery India

    1000mAh lipo battery by ZIPPY 3Cell

    Rs. 699

    Out of stock

    Good battery for applications like providing power to flight controller, to LED lights, retractable landing gear, and other devices. This is 1000mAh and 3cell battery.

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  5. 800mAh lipo battery

    1S Single Cell Lipo Battery 800mah

    Rs. 320

    This is a single lipo battery from of 3.7V can be used in various applications like toys, to provide power to led or landing gear or provide power to servos. This is a great single cell lipo battery with 800mah and 15C. Good toy quadcopter battery

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  6. Rhino 3700mAh 3S 11.1v 20C Lipoly Pack

    Rhino 3700mAh 3S 11.1v 20C Lipoly Pack

    Rs. 2,200

    Out of stock

    Rhino 3700mAh 3S 11.1v 20C Lipoly Pack for 500 and more size quadcopter. This is a good quadcopter battery as its 20C which is ideal for a multirotor. This battery is a product from hobbyking. Quality is average. This lipo battery is beautifully made and connectors are 5.5mm bullet.

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  7. 600mAh Lipo Battery

    600mah 1 Cell 3.7V Lipo Battery

    Rs. 290

    Out of stock

    1S small size lipo battery for small quads and other applications

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  8. Hobby Battery

    Multistar High Capacity 4s 4000MAH Multi Roter Lipo pack

    Rs. 2,840

    Out of stock

    Quadcopter Lipo Battery Multistar

    This is multistar lipo battery for quadcopter. It has 4000mah and specially designed for multirotor. This quadcopter battery has low C ratings as to minimize weigth. Connector with this quadcopter battery is XT60

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  9. Lipo Battery India

    QuadCopter Lipo Battery Haiyin 3S 4000mah

    Rs. 2,490

    Out of stock

    Multirotor lipo battery4000mah This is multirotor lipo battery of 3S 10 To 20C. Specially designed for multirotor as to minimize weight and increase power. Low C rating means eventually the lipo battery is little smaller than compared to lipo battery with high C ratings.Connector for this battery is XT60 and of good quality.

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  10. Lipo Battery India 4000

    QuadCopter Lipo Battery Haiyin 4S 4000mah

    Rs. 2,130

    Out of stock

    Multirotor lipo battery 4S 4000mah 10 To 20C. This is recommended for larger size multicopter or large electric planes.

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    Sony rechargeable high capacity AA-Size 4-pc (2500mah)

    Rs. 800

    Out of stock

    Ideal for high drain devices such as Radio transmitters, digital cameras and IC recorders Learn More
  12. Lipo Battery 2200 Hyderabad

    LPB Power Battery 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack

    Rs. 1,924

    Out of stock

    2200mah lipo battery 25C. Commonly used battery for  quadrotor, planes and other hobby toys.

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  13. 2200mah 4cell 35C Lipo battery

    2200mah 14.8v 35C LPB Power Lipo Battery

    Rs. 2,600

    Cheap price, Longer Life 2200mah 14.8v 35C LPB Power Lipo Battery with XT60 Connector. Learn More
  14. 2000mah eneloop

    Panasonic Rechargeable Battery Eneloop 2000mAh

    Rs. 780

    Panasonic Rechargeable Battery 2000mAh for heavy duty usage Learn More
  15. Eneloop 2550mah Panasonic

    Panasonic Battery Eneloop 2550mAh Pro

    Rs. 850

    Out of stock

    Panasonic Rechargeable Battery 2550mAh for heavy duty usage Learn More
  16. safe bag

    imaxRC lipo safe bag

    Rs. 800

    Now at Rc Hyderabad Learn More
  17. hi-watt

    Hi-Watt long life 6F22M 9v Batteries

    Rs. 108

    Out of stock

    Small Batteries in RCHyderabad Learn More
  18. 3.7v 1200mah 1s lipo battery

    3.7V 1200mah Lipo Battery

    Rs. 350

    3.7v 1200mah 1S lipo battery

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  19. NCR 18650 Battery India

    Original NCR 18650B Li-ion Made in Japan 3.7V 3400mAh

    Rs. 440

    Out of stock

    Li-ion High quality rechargeable battery Learn More
  20. JST 1200mAh

    3.7V 1200mah Lipo Battery 2 Connector

    Rs. 365

    3.7v 1200mah 1S lipo battery

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All about Lithium Polymer Batteries

Thanks for stopping by here. Here we will be discussing some basics about lipo batteries. This might help you decide to choose the battery required.

Lithium polymer is a type of plastic which can hold charge and discharge as required. There are various specifications of batteries. First let us start with number of cells

Number of Cells in lipo battery

You might have heard 1cell two cell or 3 cell. Each cell hold voltage and electric current storage. 1 cell is equivalent to 3.7V. Amps depends on you’re the size of the battery. If you need two cell battery then the voltage will be 7.4V. That is 2X3.7V. There is a series connection in between them. 3 Cell means 3X3.7V which becomes 11.1Volt.

Mah in lipo battery

In simple words Mah means the storage tank of current. If the tank is big then current stored is large. Lower the storage lowers the current and eventually lower the flying time.

 C ratings in battery

C ratings is the amount of current that can be discharged from a battery at a time. Example is a tap fixed to  a storage tank. If the tap size is large then current flows faster but the tank will be empty soon.


Caution while handling lipo battery

Make sure you use good and correct lipo charger to charge these batteries

Also make sure the lipo battery is in good health before charging

Never leave a charging battery unattended. Make sure you are there near. Also make sure do not over charge the lipo battery. Still many lipo chargers are smart these days as they will auto cutoff.

Better keep a battery on an surface which is heat resistant


Important Note lipo battery

Make sure you leave 30% in a lipo battery. Never discharge completely as it will reduce battery life.

Do not pull more C ratings than specified or else battery may bulge and get very hot.