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Balsa Wood

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Balsa wood for aeromodelling

Are you interested in making - building RC model planes? There are choices in selecting the material. These are balsawood, foam board and fluteboard. These days balsawood models are getting more and more popular due to its light weight and easily cut with hobby knife.  You can make any shape and size of plane. These range from basic easy to fly trainer to complex and hard to fly aerobatic or sports planes.

There are various shapes and sizes of balsawood. These range from 2mm to 2.5mm to 3mm to 4mm to 5 and 6mm thickness. Each thickness is piece is used to make different plane part. You need thicker thickness balsa wood to make ribs of an rc plane ribs and different thickness for fuselage and body. 2mm is generally used to cover the wing of an airplane after the ribs are in place.

Balsawood can be easily cut with a razor or a knife. Generally plans are drawn on the wood and cut accordingly. Once the structure of the plane is build then this is covered by a special material called monocote and you need to iron the surface.

Quality balsa wood now in Hyderabad