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LGHG2 6000mAh 40A Battery pack

Quick Overview

LG Hg2 battery Pack 22.2V 40A Discharge


LG 22.2V 40A Discharge 6000mAh Li-Ion Cell pack

LG HG2 Branded Battery for your Agriculture drone Use.

Good for extra amps usage drones. Recommended for Agriculture Drones where battery weight is of paramount importance. Li-Ion has many advantages over Lipo. Similar battery of similar mAh is much heavy than li-Ion.



Quality and LG branded battery pack.. Each cells are placed and packed carefully for extra reliability and portability. You can use your normal RC battery charger which can charge upto 6S. You need to use both balance cable and discharge cable to charge.

Battery Voltage: 22.2 Volts ( 6S) (3P)

Number of Cells: 12

Voltage of Each Cell: 3.7V

Connector: XT60

Discharge rate of each cell: 20A so two in parallel will give 40A


Advantage of this cell pack: Lipo batteries cannot be repaired if damaged. Lipo battery gets damaged if used completely and less charge cycles. Li-Ion can be recharged much many times than LiPo. We can also service this cell pack like change of cell etc..


Discharge rate of this cell pack is 40A. You need to make sure your application is using less than 40A If your application is using high amps then you can attach similar battery pack with parallel cable. This will give you 80A discharge current.

If you have any other requirement for battery pack do let us know and we can make it accoudingly.


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